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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Keeping Your New Year Resolution To Quit Smoking And To Stay Quit

Another year has past and here you are making new resolutions – to quit smoking again as one of your new year resolution.

The problem with new year resolutions is that people just write them down as though it was a wish list. There is no conviction to the words written down, no planning or whatsoever. You should make plans following your resolution. Plan, and seek consultation, even a physician if possible.

Do something about it NOW if you really want to quit smoking. There is no such thing as you can only quit at the beginning of a new year. It’s just an excuse to escape to over and over again. Do not keep any cigarette packets left for – just in case. This is a recipe to absolute failure. Also do not believe in the last packet or the last stick…even your cigarettes packet is three quarter full, throw it away and don’t wait until tomorrow, because you know they say tomorrow never comes.

The difference between happiness, success or failure, is only a mindset away. We are a direct result of what we think in our mind. The choice is up to you. Change the way you think you will change yourself. You will never be more than your self image.

So, every thought we think has an impact on us. We respond to our negative thoughts and to our positive thoughts. If you have a history of failing to live up to your own expectations, your memories are loaded with negative programming.

Every single thought will affect us directly. We will respond to our thoughts whether it is a positive one or a negative one. So why not choose to think positively? If you have a history of failing, then your mind will program you to think that you will fail. You need to change that immediately!

Believe in yourself and your abilities and your life will begin to improve. Eventually, people will respect you. Your motivation and also enthusiasm will dramatically increase. Some people may find it easy to change while others not. It is entirely up you.

You definitely can succeed and quit smoking forever. Just find a support system and MAKE THE EFFORT. All of suffering will only be short term. Sometimes even as short as 1 or 2 weeks. So do not wait until new year just to quit smoking because change can happen anytime. So start taking action now!

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Monday, August 28, 2006

How To Fully Utilize Your Will Power To Quit Smoking

Many smokers who wants to quit smoking wait as for the miracle day to come as though they will automatically stop smoking. Nevertheless, to quit smoking becomes nearly impossible for them. Many times, smokers fail in to the overcome the addiction.

This is because like any smoker, the love for the nicotine is too strong. It is known that nicotine is actually more addictive than heroin. However, there are thousands of people who manage to quit smoking and escape the torture of nicotine. Like any other, those people once thought that they are not able to quit. However, their determination and willpower paid off for them.

This is how you can also quit successfully:

Acknowledge and fulfill the commitment and determination with yourself and also your love ones. Change your mindset and be an optimistic about the way of living and the way of life. Change the activities and environment which you previously associated with smoking. You will begin to sense a significant change in yourself.

Also associated positive reasons to quit smoking, and the positive effect and consequences. You will never succeed to quit smoking if you never know why or feel good about it. What’s the point of quitting smoking. Be mentally, physically and also emotionally prepared to escape this addiction.

Once you are mentally prepared and conditioned, then you are ready to commit to yourself to quit smoking. The withdrawal symptoms will be there but do not be afraid as the long term benefits are far greater. The pleasure of smoking is only short term.

Keep a journal and write down what you think about smoking – the positive and negative effects and aspects of it. And plan out a schedule for quitting. Even smokers are against smoking. It’s just that they can’t overcome the addiction due to weak willpower and determination. Apply rather what you say and what you wrote down rather than what you feel.

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Sunday, August 27, 2006

What Are Some Things You Should Do Before You Quit Smoking

1. List down reasons why you want to quit smoking.

2. List down why you like to smoke.

3. Decide whether the reasons you want to stop exceed the reasons you want to smoke.

4. When you have decided to entirely quit smoking only then continue with reading the checklist. If not, only look at it when you’re ready to quit.

5. Do not quit smoking until you have completed the checklist.

6. Also list down where and with whom, and when did you smoke.

7. Visualize and write down how did you feel when you wanted to light a cigarette.

8. Now imagine the same event, same people and same place but the feeling without smoking.

9. Now imagine a scenario , if someone offers a cigarette to you, how would you feel? What would you say and what you be thinking?

10. Refrain from consuming alcohol during the period of which you want to quit smoking. Most people smoke again while they drink.

11. Try to visualize the benefits you will gain by not smoking, such as having to sleep better, breather better and being able to feel the flow of energy flow from within you.

12. Consult your physician or pharmacist if you want to undergo nicotine replacement therapies. Because they are not for everybody, they can guide and advise you on the best therapy available according to your body and lifestyle history.

13. Survey your home, car and workplace for any smoking
paraphernalia, such as ashtrays, lighters, cigarettes.
Burn them or bin them.

13. Find your house, car and workplace for any smoking related objects and get rid of them

14. Always get ready a bottle of water to carry it with you at all time, and drink it when you feel the cravings. It will help a lot.

15. Get a piggy bank or box. Whenever you feel like buying cigarettes, put the money you’re suppose to buy for cigarettes into the box. When you’ve accumulated the money, reward yourself by buying something you like.

16. Get rid of odors from your house, car and workplace windows, carpets, curtains, sofas, and other furniture.

17. Keep a journal about your journey through the transition of quitting smoking.

18. Take breaks to relax and have pleasure time for yourself.

19. Exercise – 20 minutes, 3 times a week.

20. Consume lots of vegetables and fruits. Also drink fruits and vegetables juice whenever you can. This will help cleanse out the toxic and poison from your body.

21. Believe you can do it.

22. Know that if you can quit smoking, you can achieve anything in life.

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Friday, August 25, 2006

How To Use Affirmations To Quit Smoking

Without any doubt, smoking causes all sorts of illness, disease and even death. Even children are not spared if their mother whom was a smoker or a second hand smoker during pregnancy.

Of course, there is too much negative effects to list when smoking can do to harm your life. However, one of the methods to quit smoking is by using affirmation.

Affirmation is actually a positive sentence to state out what you wish to achieve. To affirm is state the desired wants and to maintain the attitude regardless of what is happening around your environment.

The power of creation is always present in the now and you are always creating and re-creating. If you have a problem, you created it and you can uncreate it.

The power to create and uncreate is only a matter of your mind.

You should always affirm yourself in the present time – now, of which your subconscious mind will process and

When you’re stating your affirmation, do not use negative terms. For example: I do not want to be a smoker. Instead use sentences like: I now want to be smoke-free.

No one else except you must accept responsibility for your own health. You must accept responsibility for any harmfulness that you causing to yourself. Be prepared to know the facts of what smoking can do to your health. Also always take care of your health by starting to exercise, drink more fruit juice and eating less oily food.

Give permission to yourself to quit smoking entirely and be healthy.

Write a affirmation to yourself such as the list below:

Permission to completely quit smoking and be healthy

“I, (your name), hereby give myself the permission to quit smoking forever. I deserve the good health and the happiness of my life. I believe I am able to 100 percent quit smoking without a doubt. I also take responsibility for my words and actions, because I am a person of my words and a leader to myself and my love ones. I will quit smoking by (date) and not even light a cigarette thereafter that date.



That is just an example of stating down an affirmation which you can follow.

Read the affirmation that you wrote down and read it every single morning and the evening before you go to bed. The moment you wrote that is the moment you are already a non-smoker. Remember the binding words that you’ve spoken and live a healthy life!

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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Quick Tips To Help You Quit Smoking

Quick Tip 1

You must believe that you can quit smoking and make it a conviction. Imagine a difficult task that you have endured and overcome in the past. How did you deal with it? How did you overcome it? How did it feel to finally accomplish it? You will soon realize it’s just a matter of willpower and determination.

Quick Tip 2

Write down on a list why you want to quit smoking such as the benefits: better health, able to live longer, feel better, more energy, sleep better, for the love of your family, save money, do not stink, and so on. Also write down the bad effects of smoking and put it on a piece of paper and read it daily.

Quick Tip 3

Ask your friends and family to give their support for your decision to quit smoking. Request for their honest, non-judgmental support to give their opinions and to even scold you even if you ever think of smoking again. It is important to gain their complete cooperation. Let them know you may be irritable and sensitive during your transition of quitting smoking.

Quick Tip 4

Set date to absolutely quit smoking. Decide the exact day you will throw away the habit of smoking forever. Plan and write down a complete schedule. Also, be mentally prepared for the first day. Make sure to keep your first week when you’re not smoking extra busy and packed with activities to keep you off the cigarettes.

Quick Tip 5

Seek help and guidance from your doctor about quitting smoking. Support and advice from your physician improves the chance for you to quit smoking.

Quick Tip 6

Start an exercise program. Exercise is a great compliment to smoking. It relieves stress and help your body relax from the irritation from cigarettes. You can begin with a short walk, to gradually more rigorous activity 3 times a week. Joining a local gym and talking to a trainer to schedule a training program would be a good start.

Quick Tip 7

Another good way is to find a quit buddy. Someone who is also trying to quit smoking. Help each other by speaking encouraging words towards each other and aid a lending ear when quitting smoking becomes difficult. Visit forums and chat rooms to find your quit buddy.

Quick Tip 8

Drink plenty of water to flush the nicotine and other toxic and chemicals out of your body. Also drink plenty of fruit juice as it can also help ease the cravings.

Quick Tip 9

Figure out what triggers your cravings, and then eliminate it. For example, if you have to smoke after a meal. Eat in a non-smoking environment. Or if u have to smoke while having a coffee, stop drinking coffee for a moment.

Quick Tip 10

Keep a picture of your family or love ones in your wallet of with you with all times. Or on a piece of paper, to remind yourself you are doing this for them. Write a note of I’m quitting smoking for you on a piece of paper and stick it together with the picture.

Quick Tip 11

Keep a journal and diary of your journey of quitting cigarettes. This will help you get a clearer picture of what you have achieved or ways that you can improve in making quitting smoking easier.

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Why You Should Get Help To Quit Smoking

Are you avoiding or delaying to quit smoking? If you think that the only disease contracted from smoking is lung cancer, you may be wrong.

Apart of lung cancer, cigarette smoking is also one of the leading cause of heart disease.

The chemicals in cigarettes and tobacco and cause:

* Hardening of the arteries
* Damage to cells that line coronary arteries and other blood vessels
* Increase in blood clotting.

* Decreased oxygen to the heart.
* Increased blood pressure and heart rate.

Also, one of the following diseases will increase the risk of having a heart attack:

* High Cholesterol (blocks arteries, including the arteries of the heart)

* High Blood Pressure (commonly referred to as hypertension)
* Diabetes (impairs circulation)
* Obesity
* Couch potatoism (otherwise known as a "sedentary lifestyle")

In other words, the above diseases will cause your arteries to be clogged with poisons and plague. As a result, your heart have to pump harder than normal to push blood to circulate your entire body. Assuming that your heart is already at work harder than normal, smoking is nearly a invitation for a heart attack or stroke.

It is even worse if one is overweight. The risk increases drastically. This is not some small minor health problems. Nor we are talking about the small percentage of having a heart attack or stroke and survive. The issue here is about potential DEATH. Cigarette is within your willpower and control to overcome.

Thus, diet and weight loss are also as crucial as also seeking help to quit smoking. Your life and the lives of your loved ones lies in risk at your own actions.

For every pound that you gain, or every time you smoke, you are putting yourself in greater risk to contract disease. The more you avoid or delay in quitting smoking, you are killing yourself more and more slowly by the day. The power to take responsibility to quit smoking lies within yourself, so start taking action today.

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Tips To Overcome And Help Your Smoking Cessation

Tip 1: Reason to stop smoking

Why do you need to stop? Perhaps it’s because of your children. Or do you seek to survive to be able to enjoy the presence of your grandchildren? Are you sick of the odor? Whatever your reasons are, record them in a regular diary and bold the title of every cause you have for quitting. List things like health reasons, expense, inconvenience, terrible breath, or new reasons and have the listing as long as you can think of. Also be certain to name how you WILL feel and experience when you've manage to quit.

Tip 2: Take a stand and overcome the cravings.

Picture that cigarettes are crutches and that you had these crutches to depend on and shortly, it becomes inconceivable to walk without them. The significant matter is that as soon as you walk on your feet again, they'll rapidly recover power. It may be a less famous fact, but about half of what a smoker inhales from his cigarette is sheer air. The next moment you're strike with a craving, go and take deep breaths and loosen. You will shortly be capable to overcome the craving, feeling refreshed, go on with life.

Tip 3: Take a break

Most smokers agree that having a cigarette is having a break and an alternative to relax. During the period when you’re quitting smoking, exercise and drink fruit juice. This is important due to the fact that the body will be expelling the accumulated poisons. Thus, it is best to take care of your health in many ways.

Tip 4: The good and the bad.

After you extensive your lists of reasons you try to quit smoking and how you'll seem after you've stopped, you should get a list of the consequences of not quitting. Have original smokers in your family gotten cancer? Did they pass away due to smoking? Do they speak as though they had a hole in their neck? What financial advantage did you gain due to not smoking? Whatever you consequences, be sure to appoint all of them. As above, be sure to appoint the consequences (best consequences, of course) of quitting.

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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Hints And Tips To Stop Smoking Forever

While you are trying to quit smoking by Nicotine Replacement Therapy, Hypnosis or the Cold Turkey method, below are some hints and strategies in aiding you to stop smoking. The more you practice these methods, the chances for you to quit smoking increases as it becomes easier to put the cigarette away. It is entirely up to you.

Hint 1

Becoming a smoker is like putting stabilizers on your bicycle wheels, of which you may find it hard to balance without smoking. So when you do smoke, the balance is reached again.

Now when one smokes, more than half of what they he or she breaths would be fresh air, from the cigarette right into the lungs. This can be overcome by taking in deep breaths. Start to start three deep breaths. Whenever you are doing this, you are pumping more oxygen into your blood stream. Taking deep breaths can also change the way you feel almost immediately, easing the cravings a little, making it easier to quit smoking.

Hint 2

Write down all the reasons of why you don’t like smoking and why you want to quit smoking. It could be easily tired, unhealthy, increase risk of contracting cancer, bad odor and so on. On the other side of the paper, write down all the reasons of why you will feel good when you quit smoking. Look at the piece of paper from time to time.

Hint 3

Your mind is sensitive to associations that can lead you to smoke. It is therefore crucial to remove and clear any cigarette or tobacco products from your environment both from your workplace and at home. You can start by throwing away ashtrays, old lighters and anything that you used to associate with smoking. If your lighter is an expensive one and you wish to keep it, empty the lighter and make sure there is no lighter fuel or fluid in it.

Start enhancing your environment with aroma products, as it will help to ease the cravings.

Hint 4

Drink lots of fluid. In fact if it is possible at all, drink plenty of fruit juice. During the transition of quitting smoking, your body goes through a change such as blood sugar level tends to decrease. Drinking fruit juice contains fructose which restores your blood sugar levels which can help clear out impurities and toxic. Eat fruits everyday for the duration of 2 weeks until you have completely stopped.

Hint 5

Get social support. This is to commit yourself to quit smoking. Because your sense of responsibility has significantly increase when you share your commitments with your family and friends. Let them enlighten you with their opinions and support. It will make a world of a difference and much easier to quit smoking.

Hint 6

Reward and congratulate yourself. Each time you pass a certain phase, such as not smoking for a day, a week, a month, 6 months and so on, reward yourself. Let yourself know you effort is paying off and how great it feels to achieve it.

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