Quit Smoking Help Support: 08/24/06

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Quick Tips To Help You Quit Smoking

Quick Tip 1

You must believe that you can quit smoking and make it a conviction. Imagine a difficult task that you have endured and overcome in the past. How did you deal with it? How did you overcome it? How did it feel to finally accomplish it? You will soon realize it’s just a matter of willpower and determination.

Quick Tip 2

Write down on a list why you want to quit smoking such as the benefits: better health, able to live longer, feel better, more energy, sleep better, for the love of your family, save money, do not stink, and so on. Also write down the bad effects of smoking and put it on a piece of paper and read it daily.

Quick Tip 3

Ask your friends and family to give their support for your decision to quit smoking. Request for their honest, non-judgmental support to give their opinions and to even scold you even if you ever think of smoking again. It is important to gain their complete cooperation. Let them know you may be irritable and sensitive during your transition of quitting smoking.

Quick Tip 4

Set date to absolutely quit smoking. Decide the exact day you will throw away the habit of smoking forever. Plan and write down a complete schedule. Also, be mentally prepared for the first day. Make sure to keep your first week when you’re not smoking extra busy and packed with activities to keep you off the cigarettes.

Quick Tip 5

Seek help and guidance from your doctor about quitting smoking. Support and advice from your physician improves the chance for you to quit smoking.

Quick Tip 6

Start an exercise program. Exercise is a great compliment to smoking. It relieves stress and help your body relax from the irritation from cigarettes. You can begin with a short walk, to gradually more rigorous activity 3 times a week. Joining a local gym and talking to a trainer to schedule a training program would be a good start.

Quick Tip 7

Another good way is to find a quit buddy. Someone who is also trying to quit smoking. Help each other by speaking encouraging words towards each other and aid a lending ear when quitting smoking becomes difficult. Visit forums and chat rooms to find your quit buddy.

Quick Tip 8

Drink plenty of water to flush the nicotine and other toxic and chemicals out of your body. Also drink plenty of fruit juice as it can also help ease the cravings.

Quick Tip 9

Figure out what triggers your cravings, and then eliminate it. For example, if you have to smoke after a meal. Eat in a non-smoking environment. Or if u have to smoke while having a coffee, stop drinking coffee for a moment.

Quick Tip 10

Keep a picture of your family or love ones in your wallet of with you with all times. Or on a piece of paper, to remind yourself you are doing this for them. Write a note of I’m quitting smoking for you on a piece of paper and stick it together with the picture.

Quick Tip 11

Keep a journal and diary of your journey of quitting cigarettes. This will help you get a clearer picture of what you have achieved or ways that you can improve in making quitting smoking easier.

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Why You Should Get Help To Quit Smoking

Are you avoiding or delaying to quit smoking? If you think that the only disease contracted from smoking is lung cancer, you may be wrong.

Apart of lung cancer, cigarette smoking is also one of the leading cause of heart disease.

The chemicals in cigarettes and tobacco and cause:

* Hardening of the arteries
* Damage to cells that line coronary arteries and other blood vessels
* Increase in blood clotting.

* Decreased oxygen to the heart.
* Increased blood pressure and heart rate.

Also, one of the following diseases will increase the risk of having a heart attack:

* High Cholesterol (blocks arteries, including the arteries of the heart)

* High Blood Pressure (commonly referred to as hypertension)
* Diabetes (impairs circulation)
* Obesity
* Couch potatoism (otherwise known as a "sedentary lifestyle")

In other words, the above diseases will cause your arteries to be clogged with poisons and plague. As a result, your heart have to pump harder than normal to push blood to circulate your entire body. Assuming that your heart is already at work harder than normal, smoking is nearly a invitation for a heart attack or stroke.

It is even worse if one is overweight. The risk increases drastically. This is not some small minor health problems. Nor we are talking about the small percentage of having a heart attack or stroke and survive. The issue here is about potential DEATH. Cigarette is within your willpower and control to overcome.

Thus, diet and weight loss are also as crucial as also seeking help to quit smoking. Your life and the lives of your loved ones lies in risk at your own actions.

For every pound that you gain, or every time you smoke, you are putting yourself in greater risk to contract disease. The more you avoid or delay in quitting smoking, you are killing yourself more and more slowly by the day. The power to take responsibility to quit smoking lies within yourself, so start taking action today.

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